Corresponding to the topics of my books, I also offer a training and seminar program for interested people.

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New: Flexible education system starting 2021

Training as a nature-based coach (aztm)

What is it all about and for whom is this training intended?

Nowhere else can we get closer to our own nature than out there in nature. Nowhere are we more relaxed, calmer and clearer. Nowhere else can we recharge our own batteries that way and find deep inner silence and peace. Exactly these are the reasons why we can work right there most effectively on our personal resources, for example to prevent the effects stress, fear and pressure could have on our mind and body.

As a nature-based technique, it combines the psychological and physical advantages of a 'natural treatment room' with classic coaching processes and resource work. The training is aimed primarily at therapists (in advance) and coaches, such as:

  • newcomers without prior knowledge
  • psychological counselors
  • alternative practitioners, alternative practitioners for psychotherapy
  • occupational therapists
  • curative educators
  • social pedagogues, educators
  • physiotherapists
  • animal-assisted therapists

The main fields of application are stress- and fear-related issues, decision-making, overcoming life crises, promoting creativity and preventing burnout.

More than relaxing in a green environment.

What can I learn?

The main topics are e.g.:

  • psychological basics and clinical pictures: stress, anxiety and burnout

  • hormones and their effects on the human psyche, emotions and feelings

  • mental hygiene: What you should consider as a therapist.

  • nature-based coaching: introduction, applications and overview

  • scientific backgrounds: effect of nature, methods and therapeutic interventions

  • nature’s treatment room: rules of conduct, planning routes and locations, equipment, general tips

  • coaching process in practice (personal coaching / coaching for groups and companies)

  • principles of discussion (non-violent communication)

  • finding and working with personal power spots: background, search, benefit and effect

  • basics & technique: relaxation / meditation / guided Meditation

  • therapeutic interventions in practice: improving human’s capabilities through a nature-based coaching, methodology of cognitive exercises, NLP, relaxation techniques, etc.

  • practical exercises and case studies

A solid training for all participants is closed to his heart - nature-based coach Dirk Stegner.

Graduation, examination and thesis

The training is based on the standards of the modular training concept of the alternative medicine training center for animals and humans ( After passing the theoretical and practical test as well as an assessed thesis, each participant receives a final certificate to become a nature-based coach (aztm).

New: The flexible training concept combines the advantages of e-Learning and freely selectable presence weeks. Start anytime, even without a fixed course date!

Learn wherever and whenever you want.

By decoupling theory and practice, we are now breaking new ground in the training process. The eLearning platform, which will be available from January 2021, offers a maximum individual learning freedom combined with intensive practical training. Start the training exactly when you want, instead of waiting for the next course date. This offers optimal learning opportunities in addition to family and professional commitments.

In self-study, but not alone

For individual support and questions on the individual topics of any eLearning mudule, we are also available to you by telephone or via web meeting, as part of an included time contingent.

24/7: The new eLearning platform starting in January 2021.

Practical week, optionally in Northern Germany, Southern Germany or Norway.

For individual support and questions on the individual topics of any eLearning mudule, we are also available to you by telephone or via web meeting, as part of an included time contingent.

The Benefits of this flexible learning concept

In cooperation with the Alternative Medicine Training Center for Animals and Humans (aztm), a comprehensive training has been created that offers graduates a number of important advantages. The training ...

  • adapts exactly to your needs thanks to the new flexible concept. You can start at any time, even without fixed course dates.

  • is also suitable for newcomers to the profession,

  • offers a solid basic framework for starting a career / self-employment,

  • creates a broad spectrum of knowledge with the possibility of individual deepening,

  • is practice-oriented with many options for exercises,

  • is clearly structured (including a detailed script),

  • offers a very good price-performance ratio due to the comprehensive content that is precisely tailored to the needs of the participants,

  • offers a pleasant learning atmosphere in small training groups.
Comprehensive and clear training documents included.

The new training variants at a glance

Basic training
  • 12 month access to the eLearning platform
    (including script, training videos, comprehension questions, exercises, downloads, etc.)
  • 6- or 7-day block week of your choice
    (optionally in spring, summer or autumn, see infobox below)
  • with a psychology part, i.e. also possible for newcomers without pre-knowledge
  • Training costs: 235, - EUR / month
    (with a 12-month term, excluding travel-, accommodation- and food costs)
Training for coaches / therapists
  • 12 month access to the eLearning platform
    (including script, training videos, comprehension questions, exercises, downloads, etc.)
  • 6- or 7-day block week of your choice
    (optionally in spring, summer or autumn, see infobox below)
  • without psychological part, that means only for coaches and therapists with pre-knowledge
  • Training costs: 172, - EUR / month
    (with a 12-month term, excluding travel-, accommodation- and food costs)

Practical block weeks

  • 6-day practical week in the area around Coburg (Franconia)
    (excluding costs for travel, accommodation and food)

    Attention change of date!

    Date: May 31 - June 5, 2021
    Examination day: June 5, 2021

  • 7-day practical week in the Ulefoss / Lunde area (Telemark; Southern Norway)
    (excluding costs for travel, accommodation and food)

    Date: August 02-08, 2021  unfortunately has to be canceled in 2021
    Examination day: 08/08/2021

    One-off surcharge abroad: EUR 200

  • 6-day practical week in the area around Coburg (Franconia)
    (excluding costs for travel, accommodation and food)

    Attention change of date and location!

    Date: October 04-09, 2021
    Examination day: 10/09/2021








Learning with and within nature.

Seminars and workshops

What is offered?

In addition to my books, I also offer periodically lectures, seminars and workshops. They are usually about topics playing an important role in my work as a nature-based coach.

My vision is to encourage people to take a closer look especially when concerning their own perception. How I see things has a great influence on how I live, how I feel or what bothers me or even makes me sick. Only those who recognize this, have a real chance to change their lives permanently in a positive way. My events should help to learn more about how to live a self-determined, happy and healthy life.

Find your own way more easily.

In a small scale.

All of my events are limited concerning the amount of participants. Small groups up to 7 participants have proven best results in practice. This leeds to a personal and pleasant atmosphere.

Depending on topic, season and weather, small excursions into the forest or surrounding nature are often part of the event. Therefore please pay attention to appropriate information on clothing and footwear in the registration or information form.

Relaxed lessons - on the way in the High North with Dirk Stegner.

Enjoy pure nature: This way please.

The nature experience plays an important role in my life. This is also the reason why I often choose some special and powerful places for my events. E.g. the region of the Franconia Forest and southern Thuringia or the beautiful island of Rügen with its wonderful national parks. Further destinations in the very south of Norway, will follow, starting in 2019.

Jasmund national park on the island of Rügen.

Readings, offers for companies and associations.

I offer also individual readings, lectures or seminars on request. This service is addressed especially to bookstores, companies and associations.

Information overview

  • Regular seminars / workshops on the following topics:

    • Wisdom of nature
      About the natural learning process and what else we can learn out in the woods.

    • Gut feeling
      Make the right decision: How does intuition work?

    • Find your own personal powerful place in nature
      Recharging your 'battery' at special locations in nature.

  • You’ll find my upcoming events and currently planned dates in the overview. For individual appointments or small groups please don’t hesitate to contact me.

welcome to the island of Rügen

How about just hitting the break and leaving all stress and worries of everyday’s life behind you for three days?

Dirk Stegner



Take a time out for mind and body

Just out in the forest

Finding inner peace.

Be honest. When did you feel completely free last time without worrying about work, money, children or everyday problems? When did you feel completely calm, alive and free? Long time ago?

Time to think a little bit more about yourself, saying „I’m off now“. Slow down, recharge your batteries and learn how you can integrate the art of achieving both in your daily routine at home.

Slow down ...

This is exactly what’s my intention with these days off. To help you to get back to a natural-connected state which leeds to a more encouraged life with a lot of more energy for all kinds of tasks lying ahead. Have a break to see what mind and body are missing now mostly. Leave old patterns and open up for new things.

I’m looking forward to meet you and I invite you now to have a short break  at some wonderful places out there in nature.

... find inner peace, ...
... breath fresh air and free your mind.

Location overview

  • The island of Rügen with its beautiful natural beaches, inspiring landscapes and deep virgin forests is rather perfect for mental and physical regeneration.

    When all tourists and touristic uproar are gone, the island belongs to itself and its inhabitants again. This is the time to enjoy its unbelievable opportunities of getting deeply relaxed and calm. The ideal place to rediscover your inner world.

    Well, are you now ready for this wonderful island?

    Duration: 3-5 days

  • If you are looking for peace and relaxation, you are guaranteed to find it in the idyllic Franconia. Especially in the region of Southern Thuringia, the Franconian Forest and the Franconian Switzerland invites you to stay in its deep forests, nearby crystal clear rivers, and impressive rock formations.

    These virgin forest landscapes and beautiful mountain ranges offer a varied terrain for nature-based coaching and create the ideal setting for clarity, structure, strength and vision.

    Duration: 3 days (Friday to Sunday)

  • Anyone who has ever been to Norway certainly agrees with me: natural, more natural, Norway. I can’t imagine a more impressive natural scene than there. Untouched landscapes, fantastically beautiful fjords bordered by an imposing mountain scenery.

    In contrast to Germany, Norway offers not only this unique natural ambience, but also the opportunity of completely leaving civilization and its technical achievements behind. Especially the southern region of the country is the planned destination of the first retreat in Scandinavia.

    Duration: about 1 week
    Dates in advance

Dirk Stegner

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Nature-based coaching

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