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Thoughts about separation

side effects of digitizing an analog world

Digitally separated

The human aspects of digitization actually seem just as bizarre as the problems of shipwrecked people in a lifeboat on the wide ocean: They're threatened to die of thirst despite millions of liters water around them.

The situation is very similar to the latest smart technology generation. It feels as if they can experience everything in real life just with a little mouse-click. To be right into it, networking worldwide and around the clock though still being digitally separated from the rest of the world.

Wonderful nature and high-tech: Can both be combined?

Emotions, human closeness or humanity can’t be digitized. Dirk Stegner, author and business IT specialist, is analyzing some interesting side effects of digital living culture in a very special dialogue.

(This book is only available in german language.)

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The risk that the computer will become like a human is not as big as the risk that the human will become like the computer.

Konrad Zuse (1910-1995)
Inventor and developer of the world's first computer

November 2018

Wisdom of Nature

About the natural learning process and what else we can learn out in the woods.

Learning close to nature.

Those who want easily learn for life, needs not only the necessary leisure to do this but also a very competent teacher, having an huge knowledge, a lot of patience and even a lot more empathy for his students. He should not be too good-natured and not too strict. He should have a pedagogical experience of many years in working with „his children“. Who might be this teacher? It’s the nature itself which offers exactly these skills, even if they certainly does not fulfill the latest digital educational guidelines at first glance.

Children need to touch things in real life. This is important for their learning process.

Experience is one of her most important concept of success, because it leads to a real form of practical intelligence. Dirk Stegner, author and nature-based coach from Coburg, Bavaria, took a closer look at natures learning processes. In a simple and clear way, he explains how learning works „completely naturally“. He describes also, which learning conditions leads to more satisfaction, offering a solid base to build up a successful personal development later on.

Based on current problems and failures of modern education systems, he opens up some exiting insights into a „natural syllabus“. How can I learn and develop myself from own mistakes and crises? Why is it impossible to „be against something“? How does nature think about justice and why has it never any doubts? The answers to these and similar questions takes the reader gradually back to learning with and within nature and provides him with really eye-opening experience.

(This book is only available in german language.)

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  • Hardcover, 124 pages BoD;
    ISBN: 978-3-7481-1142-9

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about learning

Learning is experience.
Everything else is just information.

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

march 2018

The truth: I'm me.

How the views of others determine(d) my life.

Because I know what's good for you ...

It is always amazing how other peoples’s opinions influence one’s life. Even more amazing is however, that most people aren’t (self-)aware about this fact. Starting with social expectations, through the shaping of the personal environment, up to assessment and verbal attacks in social media. Most people actually care about what others think, say or write about them. So how can we deal with others opinions and peer pressure in the best way?

Each Like counts: The approval of others is more and more important for us.

According to Dirk Stegner, it is time to stopp and ask yourself some critical questions about dealing with this topic. The result: an inspiring dialogue about how other’s opinions and views influenced his own life.

(This book is only available in german language.)

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  • Paperback, 116 pages BoD;
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It’s me,
I’m meeting outside in nature.

Dirk Stegner

February 2017

nature-based coaching

Find your own ways out of stress, fear and burnout.

Ready to get out in the woods?

It’s always up to you, which way you choose and which decision you make. The natural environment helps to get your own real insights in who you are and what you do. It supports you understanding why your current situation - no matter whether crisis or illness - is always the result of your own former decisions. Nature helps you to understand why you’ve chosen this path so far and that there’s no-one else you can blame for this.

Find your own way and follow it more consequently.

How painful this insight might be at first sight, it also opens up the chance to change it now and courageously break new ground. To follow new paths which are not only more suitable, but also grant secure access to any of your inner resources. In the clarity and power of this knowledge you can find the real present nature is making in every situation. Inner peace instead of tension, an open horizon instead of a state of hopelessness and satisfaction instead of frustration.

Views and insights - recognize, understand and change things.

Dirk Stegner describes the supporting role of nature in this process of change in a very vivid manner, based on many real-life-examples. He explains the methods as well as the scientific context behind in a clear and impressive way.

(This book only available in german language.)

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  • Hardcover, 124 pages BoD;
    ISBN: 978-3-7431-8029-1

    Price: 18,99 EUR

  • ePub, 124 pages
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Dirk Stegner

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Nature-based coaching

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