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Coaching in NATURE:
get rid of stress, fears and burnout.

To stay in a natural environment has an extremely positive influence on mind and body. This is already known by most people, but expanding such a peaceful and stressless location with the newest coaching methods in a solution-oriented manner, brings up something new and powerful.

This technique is called nature-based coaching. It supports people of all ages to cope with stressful, anxious or traumatic situations more easily. In a guided step-by-step-process, the natural environment helps you to understand your own problems as well as their causes. At the same time you can get even more powerful and be able to solve them more easily. This place out in this natural environment provides you with necessary calm and clarity. At the end, the experience of managing even difficult situations and the ability of generating own solutions for scenarios like this, leads to new strength and self-confidence.

On my website you can find out more about me and my work as an author and nature-based coach. It would be nice to meet you, maybe at one of my upcoming events.

my books
and publications

Actually, my first book was just intended as a training-guideline for myself. Encouraged by my partner and friends, I finally launched it in february 2017.

Due to the very positive feedback I got and the success with this book, I continued writing. Two new books followed in 2018 and more are already planned.

Current books:


  • march 2020

    Digitally separated

    Side effects of digitizing an analog world

  • august 2019
    (1st Edition 2017)

    Nature-based coaching

    Find your own ways out of stress, fear and burnout.

  • november 2018

    Wisdom of nature

    About the natural learning process and what else we can learn out in the woods.


  • march 2018

    The truth: I'm me

    How the views of other people determine(d) my life.

Latest research found out what most people have always guessed when enjoying their walk in the forest nearby. A natural environment has a calming and energizing effect on the human mind and organism. It provides these perfect conditions and is extremely helpful for any coaching-process:

personal coaching
within nature

  • silence and absence of disturbing, technical influences as noise, electrosmog, etc.

  • reduction of stress and fear-supporting factors ( „problem-dimmering-effect")

  • regeneration of mental capacities and the ability to focus on something

This framework actively promotes physical and mental resources and supports a natural relaxation effect. Basing on this, the client can open up more easily in this environment and get new, previously impossible views of his own difficult situation.

The fear of making the first step towards the solution of the problem, disappears as a result of the supported process of cognition (self-knowledge, recognition of the real reasons hiding behind the current problems). The previous rigidity caused by fear and the scheme of hopelessness can be broken more easily. As a result, there's less effort in achieving own targets.

Any questions?

Dirk Stegner

Creidlitzer Str. 29
D-96450 Coburg (Germany)

Author & Nature-based Coach
+49 (0)9561 7095256

Nature-based coaching

for the region of Coburg, Kronach, Bamberg,
Thuringia, Husum, Rügen and southern Norway.

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