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„Nature is a save and reliable place where I can calm down. Mother nature doesn’t expect anything from me. Here I can simply be who I am.“

Nature-based coaching: What's that?

Meaning of, backgrounds and targets

coaching in general

In opposite to a therapy or other training and counseling procedures, the so-called coach helps the client to recognize his own abilities and to promote them. It’s not a physical training or treatment of symptoms. It’s both, development and support of personal capabilities. So it’s very important that the client is willing to change anything in his life, because only basing on this fact any coaching will succeed.

"Coach" originally comes from the English word carriage. This already shows the metaphorical meaning and purpose of coaching itself. The carriage helps the passenger to reach his destination as quickly, comfortably and safely as possible. But every passenger has to get in the car himself!


Staying in the forest leads to strength and inner peace.

Nature-based coaching in particular

Latest research found out what most people have always guessed when enjoying their walk in the forest nearby. A natural environment has a calming and energizing effect on the human mind and organism. It provides these perfect conditions and is extremely helpful for any coaching-process:

  • silence and absence of disturbing, technical influences as noise, electrosmog, etc.

  • reduction of stress and fear-supporting factors ( „problem-dimmering-effect")

  • regeneration of mental capacities and the ability to focus on something

This framework actively promotes physical and mental resources and supports a natural relaxation effect. Basing on this, the client can open up more easily in this environment and get new, previously impossible views of his own difficult situation.

The fear of making the first step towards the solution of the problem, disappears as a result of the supported process of cognition (self-knowledge, recognition of the real reasons hiding behind the current problems). The previous rigidity caused by fear and the scheme of hopelessness can be broken more easily. As a result, there's less effort in achieving own targets.








How does a "session in nature" work?

Your Personal Coaching in nature

Why individual coaching?

A personal coaching session is better suited to work on individual problems than a group appointment (seminar or workshop). It offers a confidential and private framework which allows to work on individual topics and find solutions that especially fits on your needs, e.g. then:

  • when I feel burned out
  • when I am constantly nervous and restless but do not know why
  • when I feel I can no longer handle the pressure / stress
  • if I am constantly dissatisfied, but I do not know what and how to change that
  • in cases of anxiety (e.g., panic, existential fear, etc.)
  • when I have to make difficult decisions in life
  • if I want to "revive" my intuition and integrate it into everyday life
  • if I want to become more familiar with myself and take me as I am
Change of perspective: Another point of view helps to better recognize facts.

How does it work?

Trust needs a solid base. So it’s important for me, to get to know each other better in preliminary talk. We talk about your concerns and the target we’ll focus on in the coaching.

Quite natural: Coaching in a secure and reliable framework.

Building up from your goals, the coaching out there in nature can start. Together we’ll find your personal „power spots“, which actively supports the coaching process. Depending on the topic, you learn suitable, proven methods and exercises to calm down. You can use these later on at home or in any other situation you need them.

By the way, nature-based coaching is also suitable for people with physical handicaps, who can only walk short distances. Please request by phone.

How long does it take?

The individual coaching appointments last between 1 1/2 and 2 hours. It varies from case to case how many appointments are "necessary". You make the decision whether you would like to arrange another appointment and when this should take place.

Experience has shown that weekly or 14-day rhythms are recommended at the beginning. After about 4-6 appointments, it is usually sufficient to make a new "session" only when necessary.

The purpose of coaching is to return to  your personal responsibility and own strength and not to any (further) dependence!

mother nature's helping hand

When the soul is sick, hide yourself like an animal in the woods: they will heal you. The dark trees are dumb friends. They accept you silently and are good to you.

Siegfried von Vegesack



Nature-based coaching: Useful help and support in a natural framework.

Typical applications

Burnout prevention

If you feel burned out, simply exhausted and nearly don’t have the power to do your everyday’s work, it might be the highest priority to change something. Otherwise there’s a high chance of rushing in the so-called burnout syndrome.

Nature-Based coaching supports you to be able using natures forcegiving and calming environment to recharge your own „batteries“.

Feel the lightness ...

stress reduction

Unfortunately, stress, time pressure and the feeling of being constantly driven have become almost normal for many people today. It’s almost seen as a proof of their "resilience". The modern life simply does not allow the breaks that human mind and body really needs.

The nature-based coach helps you to find a balance, allowing you to "shut down" again, to re-order thins and, if necessary, to find new ways through life with a lower stress level. Coaching in the natural framework offers e.g.:

  • a reduction of stress and anxiety driving factors ("problem-dimmering-effect“)
  • recognizing and resolving pathological patterns and habits
  • health promoting effect of mother nature (no electric smog, more oxygen, healthy herbal fragrances and substances in the air there)
Let your problems fly away ...

Lack of self-respect / low self-confidence

As we may know and appreciate from our four-legged friends at home, it is very pleasent when people simply accepting us as we are. If we do not have to pretend to be recognized. Animals, as one part of nature, often show us what it means to be loved unconditionally.

It’s nature that gives you this kind of feeling. Anyone who is willing to see himself again as part of this wonderful world can also experience what it means to be taken as he is. Unconditionally, without any biased opinion and without any ulterior motives. This ist exactly the right environment to return to a natural self-esteem and to strengthen confidence in one's own abilities and powers.

Panic and anxiety

Even though anxiety and panic are certainly not a purely German phenomenon, Americans called it the "German Angst“. A synonym especially for our way of worrying about everything.

There are many different causes lying behind one’s fear, which are often downplayed or neglected in our performance-driven, social environment. A lack of understanding by other’s won’t make it even better. Anyone who has ever experienced a panic attack knows that the fear of fear can lead to a vicious circle and social withdrawal, which must be broken.

Nature-based coaching and the associated gradual reduction of anxiety-triggering factors by means of suitable methods (e.g. EMDR, NLP, MagicWords), can be an important and meaningful support in addition to conventional forms of therapy. It can also enhance the effect of nature's calming and health-promoting effects.

Finding inspiration and a new creativity ...

Nervousness & restlessness

Nervous restlessness, as well as insomnia can be a real torture for those who are affected. Especially if this condition gets persisting, the physical and mental reserve declines very fast and bears the risk of slipping into depression.

Nature can preventively help to find back to inner peace and balance. Thanks to various cognitive tools and exercises, nature-based coaching helps to get a view on the real causes behind these restlessness and nervous states.

Aimlessness & decision making

Especially in difficult situations it is sometimes not easy to make the right decision. Suddenly "good friends", worried family members and "helpful neighbors" know what’s the best for you. But the stupid thing is that each of these counselors has a different (own) opinion on what you should do now.

Do not worry, the answer is obvious: No one knows you better than you. The nature-based coaching process supports you to learn more about yourself. If you realize what really drives you, you can also make better, more intuitive decisions out from your „natural point of view“.

... and look at things from a new perspective.

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Nature-based coaching

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