Assistance with and within nature

Remember how to
feel good again

"As a nature-based working coach, I help people to feel good again by assisting them to recognize, what is actually holding them back."

(Dirk Stegner)


Nature-based coaching: What's that?

Meaning of, backgrounds and targets

Coaching in general

In opposite to a therapy or other training and counseling procedures, the so-called coach helps the client to recognize his own abilities and to promote them. It’s not a physical training or treatment of symptoms. It’s both, development and support of personal capabilities. So it’s very important that the client is willing to change anything in his life, because only basing on this fact any coaching will succeed.

Staying in the forest leads to strength and inner peace.

Nature-based Coaching in particular

As a nature-based working coach, I assist you in literally finding your own way in the everyday jungle. Special exercises in nature and at home are supporting the possible change of your own perspective and thus leads to more strength, self-confidence and energy. After that it's much easier for yout to take the next step that's needed to go ahead.

Nature also offers a suitable framework that can sustainably strengthen physical and mental resources. E.g. these are:

  • silence and absence of disturbing, technical influences as noise, electrosmog, etc.

  • reduction of stress and fear-supporting factors ( „problem-dimmering-effect")

  • regeneration of mental capacities and the ability to focus on something

In addition, exercises that can be carried out independently outside of the coaching round off the concept at home or outside in the forest.

Important NOTE:

For legal reasons, I have to draw your attention to the fact that nature coaching is not a healing treatment that replaces a doctor or alternative practitioner. You should always follow medical prescriptions.

Typical applications

Stress reduction / prevention

Burnout prevention

Strengthening of own resources

Release fears and worries

more self-confidence



Topics and the coachingprocess

Your personal coaching in nature

Why individual coaching?

A personal coaching session is better suited to work on individual problems than a group appointment (seminar or workshop). It offers a confidential and private framework which allows to work on individual topics and find solutions that especially fits on your needs, e.g. then:

  • when I feel burned out
  • when I am constantly nervous and restless but do not know why
  • when I feel I can no longer handle the pressure / stress
  • if I am constantly dissatisfied, but I do not know what and how to change that
  • in cases of anxiety (e.g., panic, existential fear, etc.)
  • when I have to make difficult decisions in life
  • if I want to "revive" my intuition and integrate it into everyday life
  • if I want to become more familiar with myself and take me as I am

Everyone already has the solution to their problems within themselves, but sometimes they need a little help to recognize and use them for themselves. The coaching actively supports you in developing your own resources and skills. For more courage, strength and joie de vivre.

Change of perspective: Another point of view helps to better recognize facts.
Quite naturally: coaching in a trustful and safe environment.

How does it work?

Trust needs a solid base. So it’s important for me, to get to know each other better in preliminary talk. We talk about your concerns and the target we’ll focus on in the coaching.

Building up from your goals, the coaching out there in nature can start. Together we’ll find your personal „power spots“, which actively supports the coaching process. Depending on the topic, you learn suitable, proven methods and exercises to calm down. You can use these later on at home or in any other situation you need them.

By the way, nature-based coaching is also suitable for people with physical handicaps, who can only walk short distances. Please request by phone.

How much time does the coaching take?

The individual coaching appointments last between 1 1/2 and 2 hours. It varies from case to case how many appointments are "necessary". You make the decision whether you would like to arrange another appointment and when this should take place.

Experience has shown that weekly or 14-day rhythms are recommended at the beginning. After about 4-6 appointments, it is usually sufficient to make a new "session" only when necessary.

The purpose of coaching is to return to your personal responsibility and own strength and not to any (further) dependence!

Beeing out in nature offers you:

silence and absence of disturbing influences


regeneration of mental capacities, clearness

positive effect on the immune system

Place and time to be you



Natur-based coaching online

Coaching "at home"

Use modern technology sensibly

Due to physical distances or other reasons, it is sometimes not possible for us to meet in person for coaching. Thanks to modern telecommunications technology, however, this is not an obstacle. You can also use my offers in this way. A sensible combination of technology and nature makes this possible.

Perfect combination: online coaching session and the nature on your doorstep

How does it work?

For the first consultation, we “meet” via online meeting and discuss your concerns. Then I will create individual exercises and coaching units for you, which you can simply load onto your mobile phone or MP3 player and take them with you into the forest. Even if I am not personally on your side, you can rely on my support. In this way we combine our online appointments with the necessary deepening outside in nature.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a special software?

The free Zoom software is used for our online meetings. You can easily download it for all common PC, tablet or cell phone operating systems from

Is there a non-binding opportunity to get to know each other?

Yes. Basically, after the first 20 minutes of the call, you have the option of ending the session at no additional cost. So you can be sure that you don't have to buy "a pig in a poke" here either.

How long lasts one single session?

Depending on your subject, between 1 and 1.5 hours.

Is this form of coaching suitable for everyone?

Basically yes, but I reserve the right to reject the online coaching format in individual cases. A meeting in person can be a more sensible choice, especially for anxious people.

How do I get the audio files? Is there personal online access?

As a client, you receive individual access to my online platform and can download the required individual audio files in MP3 format from your password-protected area.

What about the safety of our conversation and my data?

Our conversations are in no way digitally recorded or electronically stored. Only your personal data will be processed and stored strictly in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation.

The individual audio files are also protected accordingly and can only be accessed using a user name and password.

Is online coaching cheaper?

In principle, the same prices apply to this form of coaching as to normal coaching. Due to the fact that there are no travel costs, for example, the total effort is of course somewhat lower here.

Is it also possible that I am in the forest during the online session?

Basically yes, but you should definitely check before our meeting whether there is a stable connection for your mobile phone or tablet.

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