The truth: I'm me.

How other peoples views determine(d) my life.

It is always amazing how other peoples’s opinions influence one’s life. Even more amazing is however, that most people aren’t (self-)aware about this fact. Starting with social expectations, through the shaping of the personal environment, up to assessment and verbal attacks in social media. Most people actually care about what others think, say or write about them. So how can we deal with others opinions and peer pressure in the best way?

BoD, 1st edition

March 6, 2019

According to Dirk Stegner, it is time to stopp and ask yourself some critical questions about dealing with this topic. The result: an inspiring dialogue about how other’s opinions and views influenced his own life.

(This book is only available in german language.)
  • Category

    Non-fiction book / guide

  • Paperback

    116 pages

  • Format

    H 19.00 cm / B 12.00 cm / 131.00 g

  • Publisher

    BoD; 1st Edition (March 6, 2019)

  • Language


  • Available as

    Print ISBN: 978-3746098487 (11,99 EUR)
    E-Book ISBN: 978-3752881806 (6,99 EUR)

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